History & Vision About Us

The Name TASTAROM is derived from a combination of two words, Taste and Aroma. Taste and Aroma are two of the five traditional human senses. These are chemical senses, while the other three senses of sight, hearing and touch are physical senses. flavours and fragrances belong to the category of products that directly influence our sense of taste and aroma.

Company Profile

TASTAROM is led by Chaitanya M. Varia S/O Mahendrabhai S. Varia. Mahendrabhai S. Varia initiated the production of flavours and fragrances in 1958, in Jamnagar (Gujarat-India). He then moved to Surendranagar (Gujarat-India) in 1962 where, the business is currently based.

Chaitanya. M. Varia took charge of business activities in 1976 with more emphasis on expanding the business. “CARAFE” a promising brand in flavours, flavor emulsions and soft drink concentrates was launched in 1989.

Today, Chaitanya M. Varia has more than 37 years of experience in manufacturing flavours and fragrances. His expertise has helped “CARAFE” earn reputation and maintain an unbeaten track record of 25 years today. With a relentless vision to continue its march ahead in business, Tastarom Products LLP was born in August 2010. Since then, Tastarom has invented many flavours, flavour emulsions, soft drink concentrates, and fragrances to serve our valued customers. The focus of TASTAROM is to continue the production of quality flavours and fragrances.

Our Vision

"To Make the Most Trusted Flavour and Fragrance Company in The Taste And Aroma World.”

Our vision

Our Mission

Our vision

Tastarom is a very reputed company using “CARAFE” as a brand to serve food, pharmaceutical, beverage, perfume and cosmetic industries.

We are continuously assessing current market needs, using upgraded knowledge and recent technologies.

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